Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carlos - People of Brazil

     We had a great time at camp last summer with this boy, particularly on the soccer field.  He was a real go-getter and just had a great time all week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Johnathan's 3rd Birthday

Our little man turned three years old on the Saturday.  Here are a few pictures from his special day.

Daddy hung some balloons from the carport.

One of the neighbor boys was pretty excited to have a couple of the balloons when Omar took them down later.  He even went back home and got "dressed up" for the occasion.  

I (Mommy) made a Suzy-Q cake for his birthday.  I normally make a separate little cake for the kids' birthdays (less ummm...."sharing" when they blow out the candles :)  So, anyway, our cake is the one in the background, and Johnathan's is the little one in front.  

We sang "Happy Birthday" to him in English and Portuguese. 

Here are his little friends that we had over to help celebrate the day.

He was pretty excited to open his birthday presents.  We had been telling him that he was going to have a birthday and turn three years old, but I don't think that it ever crossed his mind that he would get presents too!

This was definitely his favorite present.  Now he can stop riding pieces of wood and his sister's walker around the yard (yay!)

I think this was supposed to be a "Hey, I look pretty cool with my new wheels, huh?" pose. (Yeah, might have to work on that a little bit.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Janaína - People of Brazil

    This shy, young lady seemed to really enjoy herself at youth camp this past summer.  Here she's enjoying some friendly competition at the fusbol table.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

João a.k.a. The Shepherd - People of Brazil

     This is one of the boys in the church all dressed and ready for his part as a Shepherd Boy in the church's Christmas play this year.  More Christmas Program pictures are coming...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Church Christmas Program - Presentation

     After all the preparation, the time for the Christmas Program came at last!  The program was presented by a combination of the Choir, Special Music, Children's Singing, and Individual Narratives.

     Another church about forty-five minutes away came and joined us for the program and so the building was packed!  There were easily over a hundred people in attendance! 

     "Maria" was definitely ready and eager for her part!

     Johnathan and the Lockhart's daughter eagerly await on the front row with the other kids. 

     The Choir.  There really was a row of men across the back, but somehow they are all standing behind someone else.

     Bro. João Agusto recited his part of the narrative.

    We were even treated to a trio by the three Duarte daughters.

     At last it was time for the children to get up for their part.  Maria and José were proud to be with the babe in the manger.

     All the church children sang "Belo Som." 

     And then the service was concluded by a message by Bro. Jed Duarte.

     Afterward, we all enjoyed desserts and a time of fellowship.  I guess I was too busy eating to take any pictures!

Church Christmas Program - Backstage

    Sorry this post is a little late, but I wanted to let you all have a little look at the church's Christmas Program.  These pictures are "Backstage" from the practice time and preparation.
Pictures from the actual program itself are posted here.

     Here is a picture of the crude little manger that I was asked to build for the program.

     Most of the children loved dressing up for their character and getting ready for their part.

     Here is our little "Maria" as she prepares for her role.

    "Maria" enjoyed a special little moment with her "angel."

"Joseph" wasn't sure if he actually wanted to be Joseph or Karate Kid!

     Yes, Johnathan had a hard time being an angel - He's not used to wearing a halo or acting the part! :)

    Another one of the "Angels."

One of the Shepherds with Rambo Joseph.

     Ready to go herd some sheep!

They had a great time in preparation and then did very well for the program as well!

(You can read about the program by clicking here.)


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