Friday, July 8, 2011

Youth Camp - Estância Maranata

   We recently had the opportunity to attend and observe a three-day church camp about an hour from our home.  The name of the camp is "Estancia Maranata" and is run by Missionary Peter Doolittle.   Both Tracy and I love the christian camp ministry.  Not only did we both grow up going to church camp, but it was also through the camp ministry that Tracy and I first got to know each other.

   Of course camp has to start with an early-morning departure from your home church:

   And then a long, fun ride to the camp:

Good singing and preaching:

   Small classes for separate age-groups: (this one was taught by our co-worker, Jeremy Lockhart.)

   Great Camp Food:

   And many great games: (primarily futebol, or soccer, of course)

   Even Mahalia loved watching all the excitement!

   And Johnathan loved playing all day!

   Fun times together with new friends:

   Steal the bacon, and other games organized by Daniel Bishop, the summer intern here.

And then of course the week ends with a group of tired kids headed back home!

   We thoroughly enjoyed the three days of camp.  Even though the language barrier prevented us from getting too involved, we were able communicate (in a broken fashion) and interact with many of the campers and workers.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement of all the campers.
   We really appreciate the camp ministry and the impact that it has on these young lives.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Great photos! As always, I love seeing pics of the little ones! ♥

  2. This is so nice! Looks like you all had fun, can't wait to hear more about your "culture Shrock" - great name by the way!

  3. Really nice pictures. Nice work.



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