Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Futebol Americano - Open Doors

     It is interesting how the Lord, at times, gives us desires and then uses those desires to help us serve Him joyfully.  I've always enjoyed football, though if you've ever met me, you know by my stature that I've never been a star player!  I've also always enjoyed photography.  However, it wasn't until recently that I've been able to mix the two.

     Soon after arriving here in Cuiabá, Brasil, I discovered that our city has a "football" team.  If you've ever traveled outside of the U.S., you know that that usually means, "soccer."  However, our city has a "Futebol Americano" team (American football)  I was even more surprised to find that our team is actually very good!  In fact, this weekend they play for the National Championship!

     It all began when I visited a practice session and was invited by the president of the team to photograph a game from the sidelines - I was excited!  I have now had the opportunity to photograph several of their games and have had some of my photos published both in the local newspapers and on the AFAB website (American Football Association of Brazil).  Before I make it sound bigger than it is, I should mention that football is a newer thing here in Brazil and so they are looking for any publicity as they can get.

     Now here is the best part: the Lord has used this opportunity to open the door for me to meet and make contacts with a completely different side of Brazil!  I've been able to meet and befriend people in the Education system, Lawyers and Law Students, Physical Therapists and Medical personnel, various Journalists and Photographers, as well as a number of players!  I was even invited to hold regular Bible studies with the team, but for various reasons (language, etc...) I was not able to accept at this time.

     I was also reminded of the importance of living the christian life day in and day out.  Although I am obviously all for handing out tracks, many people are not interested in your ability to hand them a piece of literature.  They would rather see that you live the christian life than that you merely talk the christian talk.  It's been amazing to me to see the doors that have been opened as a result of just a little bit of "community involvement." Please pray with us that God would continue to develop these contacts he has given us!  What an exciting adventure it has been and I look forward to seeing what all the Lord will bring about as a result of these opportunities!

Here are a few photos that I've taken of our team, the Cuiabá Arsenal.
Arsenal vs. Botafogo Espectros - 21-20
Playoffs Semi-Final

Arsenal Vs. Rio Preto Wielers
W 55-0


Arsenal Vs. Porto Alegre Pumpkins (yes, that is their team's name!) 
W 41-7

      I am definitely looking forward to taking photos for the Championship game this weekend vs. the Coritiba Crocodiles!


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