Sunday, January 22, 2012

Johnathan's 3rd Birthday

Our little man turned three years old on the Saturday.  Here are a few pictures from his special day.

Daddy hung some balloons from the carport.

One of the neighbor boys was pretty excited to have a couple of the balloons when Omar took them down later.  He even went back home and got "dressed up" for the occasion.  

I (Mommy) made a Suzy-Q cake for his birthday.  I normally make a separate little cake for the kids' birthdays (less ummm...."sharing" when they blow out the candles :)  So, anyway, our cake is the one in the background, and Johnathan's is the little one in front.  

We sang "Happy Birthday" to him in English and Portuguese. 

Here are his little friends that we had over to help celebrate the day.

He was pretty excited to open his birthday presents.  We had been telling him that he was going to have a birthday and turn three years old, but I don't think that it ever crossed his mind that he would get presents too!

This was definitely his favorite present.  Now he can stop riding pieces of wood and his sister's walker around the yard (yay!)

I think this was supposed to be a "Hey, I look pretty cool with my new wheels, huh?" pose. (Yeah, might have to work on that a little bit.)


  1. Tracy,

    These are so cute! Wish we could have celebrated with him! Where was Mahalia during the party? Miss you all!


  2. Awww! Great pics! Looks like a fun day! :)

  3. uh oh...did you notice Josh is snatching Judah's cup in the picture?!?! EMBARRASSING :)

  4. So sweet! I always love the pictures you take, and you definitely have cute kids worth taking pictures of! :-)



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