Wish List

    A number of people have asked about sending us letters, gifts, and care packages.  We really love to get mail and we appreciate the thoughtfulness shown to us.

   Because international shipping can be complicated, we would like to offer the following notes/suggestions:

- Any financial gifts should never be sent directly to us, but should go through our mission agency.
- The value of a package's contents cannot exceed US$49, or we will be heavily taxed to receive it.
- Remove all original packaging and tags from items sent, no matter how nice they may be.
- Occasionally a package can take months to arrive, especially if it gets held up in customs.
- Be accurate on the customs declaration label, but don't make it appear more valuable than it really is.  (We love to receive children's drawings, but don't list it as an "original, autographed work of art.":)

    If you have any questions, please ask.

Our Mailing Address is:
Omar Schrock
C.P. 1143
Rondonópolis, MT 78740-970
Brazil, SA

   We thought we would compile a wish list for those who have asked about sending a package.  Please note that these things are only suggestions of things we enjoy and are not necessities.

- Oreos  (We can get these here now!)
- M&M's (plain, crispy, or peanut butter)
- Reeses peanut butter cups
- Reeses Pieces baking bits
- M&M's baking bits
- Peanut Butter (creamy)
- Cheese crackers (like goldfish or cheez-its)
- Muffin mix (any flavor)
- Flavored Oatmeal packets (cinnamon, apple, maple, etc.)
- Nacho cheese powder
- Ranch Dressing mix (dry powder packets)
- Chicken gravy powder mix (broth)
- Chewy candies (Hot Tomales, Shock-tarts)

- Airborne (Lemon-Lime flavor)
- Holiday items (ie: festive plates, decorations, etc.)
- Craft supplies (stickers, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, felt, etc.)

- Kindle Gift Card
- Books

- Scrapbooking supplies (paper, stickers, etc.)
- Kindle Gift Card

Johnathan (8 yrs. old):
- Legos
- Books

Mahalia (6 yrs. old)
- note pads/pens
- books
- puzzles


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