Monday, January 2, 2012

Church Christmas Program - Presentation

     After all the preparation, the time for the Christmas Program came at last!  The program was presented by a combination of the Choir, Special Music, Children's Singing, and Individual Narratives.

     Another church about forty-five minutes away came and joined us for the program and so the building was packed!  There were easily over a hundred people in attendance! 

     "Maria" was definitely ready and eager for her part!

     Johnathan and the Lockhart's daughter eagerly await on the front row with the other kids. 

     The Choir.  There really was a row of men across the back, but somehow they are all standing behind someone else.

     Bro. João Agusto recited his part of the narrative.

    We were even treated to a trio by the three Duarte daughters.

     At last it was time for the children to get up for their part.  Maria and José were proud to be with the babe in the manger.

     All the church children sang "Belo Som." 

     And then the service was concluded by a message by Bro. Jed Duarte.

     Afterward, we all enjoyed desserts and a time of fellowship.  I guess I was too busy eating to take any pictures!

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