Monday, January 2, 2012

Church Christmas Program - Backstage

    Sorry this post is a little late, but I wanted to let you all have a little look at the church's Christmas Program.  These pictures are "Backstage" from the practice time and preparation.
Pictures from the actual program itself are posted here.

     Here is a picture of the crude little manger that I was asked to build for the program.

     Most of the children loved dressing up for their character and getting ready for their part.

     Here is our little "Maria" as she prepares for her role.

    "Maria" enjoyed a special little moment with her "angel."

"Joseph" wasn't sure if he actually wanted to be Joseph or Karate Kid!

     Yes, Johnathan had a hard time being an angel - He's not used to wearing a halo or acting the part! :)

    Another one of the "Angels."

One of the Shepherds with Rambo Joseph.

     Ready to go herd some sheep!

They had a great time in preparation and then did very well for the program as well!

(You can read about the program by clicking here.)

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  1. Wow! Beautiful kids... beautiful costumes... beautiful pictures! Loved this post!



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