Monday, March 5, 2012

Family Camp 2012 - Services

Here's a look at the services that went on during the week of Family Camp.

The theme of the year was "Passo a passo com Jesus" or "Step by Step with Jesus."

This is the main service for the adults with the Camp's special speaker, Pastor Marcelo.  He and his family are from a different state in Brazil, and they continually commented on how HOT Cuiaba is. (It makes us feel a little better about feeling so warm when the Brazilians complain about the heat too!)

During the morning services, the kids split up into different classes.  This is the 2-4 year old's class that Johnathan was in.  The teacher is holding up a card that says, "sin" in Portuguese.  Hmmm....I wonder if she's pointing that toward my son for any particular reason....

Here's Johnathan and his teacher working on a craft paper.

This is the "juniors'" class with their teacher.

Here is our co-worker Jeremy Lockhart teaching the young teen boys' class.

This is the young teen girls' class...

...And, the singles class.

For the evening service, everyone would meet together.  There were many musical specials before the preaching service would start.

Even though we still can't understand everything that is being said during the preaching time, we're able to understand more and more, little by little, "Step by Step."

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