Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Camp 2012 - Activities

Here are some of the fun activities that go on during free time at family camp.

Ping Pong


Here is the zip-line at camp.  The kids love it!  They wait and wait in line until it is their turn.  First they have to be strapped in.... 

....then they jump off the edge and ride it down the hill between the trees....

....then one of the kids waiting at the bottom of the hill will grab the rope that is dangling from the harness and pull them back up to the top for the next person in line.  

Every afternoon the ladies would gather together to do crafts.  This year they made pretty little canisters and decorated flip-flops.

I think they really just enjoy the fellowship more than anything.

Canteen: one of the most important places at camp - just ask the kids.  They sold drinks, Brazilian chips (like cheetoes, but many different shapes and flavors) and various candies.  And even though we didn't buy any candy from this canteen for our kids, they got plenty of it!  Brazilians love to share food with our kids, and they don't think to ask an adult first.  I don't even remember how many times I saw Johnathan or Mahalia wandering around with a sucker, or chips, or candy that someone had given to them.  I thought about putting a "Please don't feed the Americans" sign around my kids' necks :)

Meanwhile, the men and teen boys would get up a soccer game or two every afternoon.

And the kids all loved playing at the playground. This big swing was always full whether it was kids or adults!

Here's my little pale face at her favorite place at camp: the merry-go-round.

And here are a couple of crazy American boys going up the slide the wrong way.  Who's boys are those, anyway!?

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  1. oh oh, I see which American boy was leading the wrong way.
    Love all the pictures.



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