Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to last week's quiz!  

If you missed the post last week, but would like to see it before you see all the answers, go here.


A porch chair
These chairs are very popular here. Some are rockers and some are not.  The frame is made of metal rebar, and then it is tightly wrapped in plastic tubing.  You can choose from many different colors of tubing, and they also make them to fit the buyer; so mine is (of course) several inches shorter than Omar's. 


Clay tile roof
Most roofs here are made from clay tiles like these or from overlapping asbestos sheets.


Top of a wall
This is one of the walls that surrounds our house.  It's a pretty good theft deterrent. When they are finished building the wall, then take glass bottles, break them up, and set them in mortar on top.  Would you want to try to climb over a seven foot wall that had pieces of glass waiting to cut you?  Hopefully no one here does!  


A kite "skeleton"
I wish that you all could watch a good kite fight here.  It's pretty neat.  There are days when we can see ten or more homemade kites in the sky at one time.  The way that they maneuver these kites is amazing.  Every boy here knows how to make kites like this.  They make them all different colors and designs.  The object of a kite fight is to get your kite string wrapped around someone else's kite string and then pull that other person's kite out of the sky.  Many times the kite falls to the ground or gets caught on power lines before the victor is able to "reel" it in.  We've had several kites land in our yard, and from our front porch we can see the remains of about ten kites stuck on the power lines.  This particular kite "skeleton" also serves another purpose for me; it's my weather vane!  I can look out my window and see if we're getting a cool breeze from the South. (Sadly, that doesn't happen often enough!)


Yep, just an ordinary lightbulb.'re probably all waiting with baited breath to find out who won, aren't you?

No one was able to correctly guess all five items, but with four correct answers, the winner of exclusive bragging rights is........(drum roll)........


Good job, Nicole!  You may come down to Brazil to claim your prize at any time :)

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  1. I'm on my way! :) Someday I definitely will come get that prize, lol. Thanks Tracy, that was a lot of fun!



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