Thursday, September 8, 2011

Johnathan's Day

Because of the Brazilian holiday, we're on "vacation" for a few days this week. (That means that we aren't having language school.)  This is giving us a little more time to get some things accomplished and spend a little more family time.  Today was Johnathan's day.

It started out as a walk with Daddy to the local hardware store for some rope.

Then came the hard part: watching without touching :)

 Time to hang it from the carport. 

And now.....time to ENJOY!  
He spent most of the day swinging on his new swing.  He just loves it!  He literally spent hours swinging today. I hope that he stays content with simple. I can handle simple.  

P.S.  Before the rumors start, no Johnathan's shirt is not a new announcement. It's the shirt he wore on the day that Mahalia was born.  Sorry for any disappointment incurred. :)


  1. I LOVE these pictures! It looks like he had so much fun. Elaine's eyes light up like that when we go to the park to swing.

  2. Those pictures are so sweet! I love the one where Layli is smiling in the background. I'm sure she can't wait to join in the fun...and about the t-shirt, what a bummer ;)



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