Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Packing For Brazil

    Ever since we first knew that we would be moving to Brazil, we also knew that we would have to get rid of almost everything we own before we could actually make the move.  Since we could only take our belongings as extra baggage on the airplane with us when we moved, our choice of what we could take was very limited by both size and weight.

    I had readied myself (Omar) for the pain of getting rid of all kinds of junk and even much of my clothes.  But the hardest thing, and it was much, much more painful than I ever would have imagined, was the process of departing with the majority of my library.  However, I picked through my books and saved the ones that I knew I could not part with, and then I took the rest to Ambassador Baptist College and sold them to the students for rock-bottom prices.  At least I know that those books will be put to good use!

     Well, we finally got rid of almost everything we owned.  We gave away our furniture to a few newly-weds and friends (much of it had been given to us by the Maietta missionary family when they moved to Italy).  Once we had given away everything we knew we couldn't take, it was much easier to pack the things we knew we needed to take.

      We spent many, many hours squeezing as much as we could into each of those plastic totes.  I guess during that time, we did more than our share to keep the local $5 pizza shop busy!

      I was very proud of Tracy as she condensed our belongings down to such a small amount.  It kind of gave you a strange feeling to look at a small corner of stacked boxes and to realize that basically all of your earthly possessions were contained in those few boxes!

     Finally, on the morning of May 16th, we left our home and our church in Shelby, North Carolina, to drive down to Florida where we would fly out of Orlando.

    Two days later, on May 18th, 2011, we would board our TAM Airlines flight and leave the United States for a whole new life in Brazil!

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