Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teaching Missions to Children - Deputation Days

   One of our favorite parts of deputation was having the opportunity to present Missions to the young people all across the U.S.  We are aware that all too often mission's is presented from a down-and-out standpoint where the missionary attempts to draw sympathy by relaying all the horrible things that have happened to him.  However, we strove to present the fact that there is joy in serving the Lord.  Sure, hard times come, but we have the opportunity to serve the Lord of all!
   We loved it when children would come to our display table and ask us all about Brazil and what it's like to be a missionary.

   We also tried to show the kids that there isn't anything extra-special about us.  We are simply common, ordinary people who are allowing God to use us to reach people in Brazil.

   I know that missionary presentations had a big impact on me as a young person, and we trust that the Lord was able to use us to impact others as well.

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