Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flying to Brazil

   After packing our belongings and driving to Orlando, Florida, we finally were ready to make the long flight to our new home in Cuiaba, Brazil!  By driving to Orlando, we were able to board directly onto the Brazilian Airline and avoid paying for our extra luggage twice.
    I'm sure we were quite a sight as we made our way through all the airport security and terminals.  Through the airports we took with us: two strollers, two car seats, three backpacks, a diaper bag, and a laptop bag!

   The initial flight left at 9:10pm and was in the air about eight and a half hours.  Theoretically, everyone is supposed to sleep the entire flight, but they forgot to tell Johnathan!  He was so excited that he was bouncing in his seat and looking all around until about 2am!  Finally he slept for a little bit.  We were relieved that neither child cried much or disturbed the other passengers!

  When we arrived in Såo Paulo, Brazil at about 6am we knew we had alot to do to meet our connecting flight.  However, we saw prayers answered as they opened a new line and sent us immediately to the front at the Federal check-in and then again as we went through customs!  We had a number of airport helpers to help move all of our boxes through security, but we were so relieved as they waved us through without having to pay any import fees at all!  Praise the Lord!

  Then we finally made it to our check-in for the connecting flight, and again they opened a new line and sent to the front!  We made it to our gate with enough time for me to go and buy breakfast for the family and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation before we had to board again.

   On this next flight (which touched down once before arriving at our destination) I was glad to be able to let Johnathan sit in the window seat - he loved it!  On our first flight, we boarded the plane through a walkway and so Johnathan never saw the outside of the plane; but for this flight we actually had to climb the steps and go into the plane, so he was finally convinced that he actually was inside the plane!  By this time it was light enough to see outside, so he thoroughly enjoyed his first "real" flight!

   By the time we were about to land at our final destination, he was so tired that he fell asleep and could hardly be woken up to get off the plane.  He sure did enjoy it though and I think it made a deep impression in his memory.

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