Friday, April 1, 2011

Mt. Rushmore - Deputation Days

    One long branch of our deputation took us up to South Dakota and the amazing Black Hills.  We were able to visit Mt. Rushmore and were amazed by both the size of this landmark and the effort it must have taken to etch these faces into the granite mountain.

   As you first enter the park, there is this long walkway between the flags of all the States of the Union.

Mt Rushmore (5) ACR BLOG

Then you come out to a full view of the majestic monument.  

Mt Rushmore (97) ACR BLOG
   I took this photo and enjoyed "over-editing" it.  I usually don't edit my photos this much, but I liked the results on this one.

Mt Rushmore (44) ACR BLOG

As you leave, make sure you take one more look as you drive around the mountain and you'll get to see the profile of Washington's face!

Mt Rushmore 2 (17) ACR Crop BLOG

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