Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deputation Days - VBS

      We were given the opportunity to be part of a Missions Conference / Vacation Bible School in north Alabama.  We had VBS during the day and Missions Conference in the evenings.  It was exhausting but so much fun!  This was nothing like any VBS I'd ever worked in before; each day there were between 500 and 600 people!

      The week followed a Space theme as you can tell.

       We got to work with the four-year-old boys; an average of twenty of them per day!   We had a blast and learned a lot (hopefully the kids learned some, too!

       Yes, this is one of our four-year-olds!

       Of course, everyone loves snack time!

       And you can't have a good VBS without a pie in the face.  (No, this is not Omar)

    Oh, and biggest lesson learned?  If a four-year-old says that he's got to go bathroom, don't tell him that he just went ten minutes ago and so couldn't possibly need to go; they have ways of making it happen!

Quote of the Day:
      Love is a verb, not a noun:  Jesus Loved me "and gave Himself for me."
           - Bro. John Halsey

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