Sunday, March 20, 2011

California Family - Deputation Days

      Along our deputation I always enjoyed meeting new people and getting to spend time with them.  Often we would stay in the homes of people we had never met, and it would always be neat to fellowship and make long-lasting friendships.  

       One place we particularly enjoyed staying was with the Breazeale family (pronounced "Brazil") in rural California.  They graciously invited us to stay with them three weeks as we had meetings in churches all around their area.  

       They have a couple adult sons whom we did not get to meet and then several adopted children who were still at home.  We really enjoyed the entire family.

    I really enjoyed photographing their youngest son; he has the most incredible eyes!

    Johnathan had so much fun at their house!  It was very rural (actually, their house was in the middle of a huge orange grove) and they have a few farm animals so Johnathan got to play outside quite a bit!

     Once again, thank you so much to the Breazeales and all the other wonderful families who were so kind to us along the way!

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