Monday, July 18, 2011

Croará - Postcard from Brazil

     Here is a digital post card from Brazil for you!

    Recently we traveled with the Duarte's down to the area where Pastor Duarte grew up near a small town called Croara.  This is in the Pantanal (everglades type) region and very, very rural.   Ok, it's not just rural, it was completely off the map, out-in-the-sticks, in the middle of nowhere!

    There was so much wildlife and it was so peaceful that we just absolutely loved it!  We also saw (and photographed) a number of bird species that I've  never seen before and I can hardly wait to share those here in the near future.  [Now available here.]

     The area in this photo was a large swamp about half-a-mile from the Cuiabá river.  Right after I took this photo I heard a good bit of splashing in an area with a lot of underbrush and then a bit later we saw a couple of Caiman (Brazilian Alligators) in the water just a short distance from where this photo was taken!  Lots of fun, but you have to be careful!

[Edit: I've posted many bird pictures from this location.  They are available by clicking here.]


  1. Sounds exciting! looking forward to more of your pictures

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the other pics:-) Miss you all!

  3. Oh, very pretty! Look forward to seeing your pics!



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