Friday, November 18, 2011

An Unwelcome Guest - the Eight-Leg Variety!

     We often have unexpected "guests" here in Brazil - especially from the insect world!

     I (Omar) don't usually mind spiders, but, at nearly five inches, this turantula gave even me the creeps!

     Fortunately, it wasn't in our house when I found it.  I actually found it when I was cleaning up our Language School classroom at the end of the week!

     Anyway, It's safe to say that this guy won't be bothering us again - I just hope he doesn't have too many siblings!


  1. I'd say "nice shots" but I'm not too attracted to the subject! :)
    What lens/settings did you use for these close ups? Or was it so large that you didn't need anything special! ;)

  2. OH GROSS!!!!!!!!!! awesome pics btw :)



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