Monday, October 10, 2011

My Son's Nightmare

This morning around 2:00 AM  I awoke to Johnathan's hysterical crying.  I stumbled to his bedside:

- "What's wrong?" I asked.

I had a bad dream! (sob, Sob, SOB!)

- Everything's ok, it was just a dream; it wasn't real.

But, I had a bad dream! (sniff, sniff)

- What was your dream about? (Wondering what in the world could give a two-year-old boy such a nightmare.)

I had a bad dream! (voice trembling)
I ... I ... I dreamed I was hungry. (aaaagh, sob, sob!)
And mommy said ... (Sob, SOB)
that ... that there wasn't any [food]!!!!! (WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!)

Yes, that's the horrifying thought that wakes a two-year-old boy in the middle of the night!

And so today he got to have popcorn for his snack - his favorite!


  1. That is just TOO funny! You have some great stories from him...I hope we get as many good laughs from our son!

  2. That really would be a nightmare! So glad he found it not to be true.



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