Friday, August 26, 2011

Pastor Appreciation Day

    Shortly after we arrived here in Brazil, the church we are working with celebrated "Pastor Appreciation Day."  What a great time of food, fun and fellowship!  It was a great reminder that even though we may be thousands of miles from the States, people are generally the same; they love to laugh and they love to eat!
     As soon as the morning service was finished all the ladies began preparing the dishes and Bro. Alex did the Churrascaria (Brazilian style B-B-Q).

     Of course, as the meal is being prepared, the men enjoy discussing, and solving, all of the world's problems!

And the women talk about whatever women talk about. (Can you tell this is Omar writing this time?)

Even the children had important business to discuss!

The children played . . .

and helped each other out.

     It sure was fun to relax and spend time getting to know the folks here!

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