Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lizards and Laundry Baskets

     You may wonder what our kids are up to these days.....(sometimes I do too!)  So, what do missionary's kids play with, anyway?  Why,.....lizards and laundry baskets, of course!

     Johnathan loves to watch the lizards that run around on the walls outside (and inside!)  To his great delight and entertainment, he and Daddy catch one occasionally. Umm...yeah, a couple of our lizards might be running around without their tails.....(oops!)

     Meanwhile, Mahalia watches the fun from the laundry basket (when it isn't full of laundry coming on or off the clothes line.)  She is pretty stable sitting up now, but on these hard tile floors, if I can't be sitting next to her, I usually put her in the laundry basket.  Add a few toys, and -voila!- portable playpen.

     And such is the stressful life of a missionary kid.  Must be rough.

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